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Carrying safety

This guide provides the core carrying safety information including, the three key safety aspects of safety (Aware, Breathing, and Secure), and the key cautions and checks we must consider for more holistic safety when carrying.

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warning babywearing safety

Carrying industry safety information

It is essential when using any type of baby carrier or sling to ensure that your child is positioned safely. Below are industry standard sling safety checklists. If you are unsure of any aspect of using slings or carriers safely, then please stop using it immediately and contact us.

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Does my sling fit OK?

Does my sling fit ok? “Does my sling fit ok?” Everyday people ask whether their sling fits, or whether it looks ‘right’ or ‘safe’. The

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forward facing we made me pao

Forward facing in slings

Forward facing in slings: a contentious issue Forward facing in slings is a hotly discussed topic online – everyone has their opinion. Posting a photo

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