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Babywearing coats: how to choose

Mamalila babywearing coat keeping baby in a sling warm in a front carry
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Babywearing coats: how to choose

Mamalila babywearing coat keeping baby in a sling warm in a front carry
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Mamalila babywearing coat

A specialist coat for babywearing could appear to be an expensive choice to keep you and your little one warm and dry over winter, and there are other options available to you. However, a good coat can be something you will use for many years. These coats can represent value for money, and can keep out the cold and wet when carrying in a sling. Here are some things to consider when choosing a babywearing coat.

What type of babywearing coat?

There are now many many coats designed for babywearing available for you to buy. They range from budget fleeces to high end wool jackets.

An initial area to think about is what type of coat you need – a fleece, a waterproof or one that is both?

A fleece is warm and many will stand up to the odd shower. They are often cheaper than waterproof options. They often come in over the head hoody style jumper options or in zip up jacket style.

A waterproof may not be very warm but it will keep you dry. A great option could be to buy a larger size so that you can layer warm clothes underneath in colder weather. It could also be an excellent choice if you get hot very easily. Waterproofs usually come in a zip up jacket style.

A fleece lined waterproof can be the best of both worlds. These coats are warm and will keep you dry – but can be a little too warm if you run hot or the weather is unusually warm! Usually these type of coats are zip up jackets.

Most babywearing coats are zip up jackets or hoodies, however there are more tailored options available for women. These options are usually significantly more expensive.

What features do you need in a babywearing coat?

When you are choosing a coat think about what features you might need

  • What position will you carry your baby in – on your front, back, hip, facing away? Does the coat cover your baby in these positions?
  • How does the panel for your baby attach over your carrier? Some cheap options have closed pouches which are not suitable over a carrier without you doing some cutting! These coats are not safe to use without a carrier.
  • Is it easy to change where the panel attaches if you can change position from front carrying to back carrying? Will you need to do this regularly? Some coats you move the panel and some you turn the whole coat around
  • Will you want to use the coat to cover you when back carrying? How do you put the coat on when you are back carrying?
  • Do you want to use it as a normal coat without the panels? Does it fit well and look how you want it to?
  • Would you like to use it as a maternity jacket as well as a babywearing jacket? Does the coat allow for this?
  • Do you want pockets?
  • When and where will you be using the coat? If you will be outside in the wet then a waterproof options might be more important, or are you going to be outside when you arrive so your child needs to be warm separately to you as well as in the coat?
  • Do you want more than one person to be able to wear the coat? An oversized fleece or men’s cut coat might be flexible for two people to share.
  • You may need to be careful when caring for coats, do you know how to look after your top choice?

Babywearing coats to buy

We sell the Mamalila babywearing coat range. This includes the Mamalila rain jacket, a lightweight 4 seasons waterproof; the softshell which is a fleece lined waterproof coat, and the men’s coat, a less fitted fleece lined and waterproof option. All three can be set up for front or back carries.

If you’d like any advice on choosing a babywearing coat then please do get in touch!

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