Consultant membership

CalmFamily consultant membership system

Our training coupled with our membership system is a fantastic alternative to a franchise. When you train with CalmFamily, you get knowledge and skills as a consultant that you can use forever, whether a member or not. However, membership offers a completely affordable way to have all the upsides of a franchise, without the cost.

The cost of your training includes a 12 month licence beginning on the end date of your interactive training to give you the best possible start as a consultant. After that, you can choose whether or not to renew your membership, buy a licence to run a single programme, or consult without using our intellectual property..

We believe our system achieves the following:

Always part of the CalmFamily community

Once you have completed your basic training with CalmFamily,  you can choose to use your training to consult with parents without any ongoing commissions or fees. You can even stay in our support groups because you are always welcome as one of our professional educators. You are always part of the CalmFamily community for as long as you want to be.

Full membership provides

Run our education programmes*

Membership provides the legal protection of  unlimited licence to use our intellectual property for the education programmes for any specialisms. in which you are trained, including use of copyrighted handouts, content, activities, our trademarked logos, brand photos. You can also buy marketing and teaching equipment at discounted rates in our exclusive community shop.

CalmFamily Training school

Ongoing updates and learning

  • The opportunity to re-attend your training as much as you like
  • Enjoy a 25% discount on all other CalmFamily training, including adding specialisms and CPD events.
  • Receive all updates to the content and resources for your programmes whenever we move things forward.

Support with every aspect

Email, events listing, booking, online community groups, web presence, business support, personal support, the opportunity to be mentored, discounts across our main store and hire service, and the opportunity to collaborate on our projects, or have your projects supported by your leadership team

*nobody, consultant or otherwise, may use CalmFamily branding, run CalmFamily sessions or utilise CalmFamily frameworks, handouts, images, activities or other intellectual property of CalmFamily without a valid license or membership

Simple plans for everyone


£ 299 per annum
  • Renews each year
  • Cheapest option
  • 30 days notice
  • All the benefits
  • Get payment done


£ 29 per month
  • Rolling contract
  • 6 month minimum term
  • 30 days notice
  • All the benefits
  • No large payout


£ 99 one off
  • No ongoing commitment
  • Work when convenient
  • Get all the updates
  • As often as you like
  • No re-attending

Comparing the deals

Please find below a detailed list of the benefits of membership for each option, and the availability and price of these options without membership.


The price shown is the total per annum with this method







A la carte


One-off payment

Payment for services as needed

Unlimited licences

Each programme annual licence £129

Notice period

30 days

30 days

Fixed term

Fixed term

Website listing

£19 per annum

Email account

£29 per annum

Booking form and system

£59 per annum

Reattending training

Free online, or £50 in person 

Free online, or £50 in person 

£249 per programme

£249 per programme

25% discount off training and CPD

Access to our mentoring programme

25% discount off sling hire

15% CalmFamily shop discount

Access to CalmFamily consultant shop for cost price equipment and marketing materials

Access to CalmFamily consultant shop for cost price equipment and marketing materials