Baby specialist consultant pathway

This course provides in depth understanding, knowledge and skills in all aspects of supporting families with babies from conception to 12 months. The content you see listed below are the specialist baby modules that follow the core CalmFamily consultant modules, included in this course purchase. If you are already a CalmFamily consultant, and have completed that course before, you do not need to do it again.

Being a baby specialist consultant means helping parents to understand infant development from good evidence, and using that knowledge to empower them to have a calmer approach to family life. You will support them with crying, fussing, sleep, weaning, play, communication, and much more. You will be able to work one-on-one, and run our BabyCalm™ programme which includes workshops, groups, and courses, such as the Preparing for baby course.

Our online learning uses a multi-media approach and is comprehensive and accessible. You will have access to both peer support and director support throughout your learning, and attend at least 2 days of interactive training. You will be fully prepared and supported to start working with families, and changing the world.

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Module 1: Infant development
Module 2: Understanding babies
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Module 3: Calmer relationships with babies
Module 4: Practical baby care
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