The CalmFamily free stretchy wrap hire scheme

Since July 1st 2019 It’s A Sling Thing, now part of CalmFamily has offered the CalmFamily free stretchy wrap postal hire scheme. This scheme has allowed hundreds of families with newborn babies to try one of our brand new stretchy wraps for four weeks. It has certainly been a success; many families have fallen in love with slings and the help they provide in caring for their babies. You can order direct from our shop to your home.

Stretchy wraps

Stretchy wraps are a wonderful way to carry your newborn baby. They are suitable from birth – even for many tiny or premature babies – up until they are no longer comfortable or supportive. A stretchy wrap can offer you months of carrying in one of the most snuggly  options available.

Carrying helps to recreate womb-like conditions during the fourth trimester helping your baby to calmly transition from womb to world in their first few months. Carried babies are shown to be calmer because of this secure environment. Carrying your baby has a whole host of benefits for both you and your little one.  

Stretchy wraps, a long length of fabric, can seem overwhelming at first glance. In reality they are easy to master, and are often ideal for parent who want something they can wear all day and pop their baby in and out as they need.

Carrying can be an amazing tool for families.  We would love to help you discover in what ways it can help you too.

The CalmFamily free stretchy wrap postal hire scheme

This scheme is most suited if:

  • You are 38 weeks pregnant or more
  • You have a baby under 8 weeks old; or
  • You have recently left hospital with a young baby after an extended stay

To receive your brand new stretchy wrap for four weeks, select a stretchy wrap, pick a colour and click “Try now or Spread the cost.” Place your order, and then wait for the post to call. Your wrap will be on its way to you the next working day!

You will then get 4 weeks hire of your chosen stretchy wrap. At the end of this period you can then pay £30 (£35 for Boba Bamboo Wraps) to keep your wrap, or return it to us. You’ll get reminder emails about the payment or return date.

If you aren’t sure which stretchy wrap to pick then you may find our article “Choosing your stretchy wrap” helpful.  

If you aren’t quite ready to hire, you can register to be reminded closer to your estimate due date here, or keep scrolling down and to order your wrap today.

The full terms and conditions for the CalmFamily free stretchy wrap hire scheme can be found in the terms of purchase.