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The full baby specialist consultant pathway provides the complete CalmFamily consultant foundation course, and the complete baby specialist training course and includes at least two interactive training days with options to add more training in infant feeding with no additional cost, and upgrade the included carrying for babies training to full carrying peer support training for a small cost.

The baby specialist consultant training course provides in depth understanding, knowledge and skills in all aspects of supporting families with babies up to 12 months. The details of both the consultant foundation modules, and the baby specialist modules can be found here.  If you are already a CalmFamily consultant, and have completed the foundation content before, you do not need to do it again, but you can as we update content frequently and refreshing knowledge is always useful.

Being a baby specialist consultant means helping parents to understand infant development from scientific evidence, and using that knowledge to empower them to have a calmer approach to family life. You will support them with crying, fussing, sleep, weaning, play, communication, and much more. You will be able to work one-on-one, and run our BabyCalm™ programme which includes workshops, groups, and courses, such as the Preparing for baby course.

Our online learning uses a multi-media approach and is comprehensive and accessible. You will have access to both peer support and director support throughout your learning, and attend at least 2 days of interactive training (dates of interactive training days are found here). The first day you attend will be in relations to the core principles of CalmFamily and neuropsychology, and the second will be specific to being a baby specialist. With this pathway you can also choose to attend the feeding day to offer further sessions and be able to support families with infant feeding and weaning, and you can pay an additional £49 to attend two short training days to increase your learning of carrying to be certified as a Carrying Peer Supporter (usually £97).

You will be fully prepared and supported to start working with families, and changing the world.


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Throughout your learning experience, and your work as a consultant, you will have the support of the whole community, especially the leadership team.

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