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Why CalmFamily professional education?

Our training really does have a different feel to it, and people love it. It is difficult to explain, but here goes. Each training experience is somewhat unique as we take a collaborative approach to learning, and ensure that we holistically and personally meet the needs of the group, and the individuals within that group.

We welcome discussion, real questions and answers, participants experience and specialist knowledge to come into the training room and we actively work on relationships and self-development during the training. One thing we don’t do, which is common on training courses, is ever push anyone to do anything that they find uncomfortable. We celebrate all kinds of diversity and respect peoples’ feelings instead.

Our consultant training comes with a huge amount of written and video content for you to use for your own learning, as a knowledge base, and for your reference. This content covers a wide range of relevant topics as core content, and then all the possible relevant topics for your specific specialism.

The content makes sense of the best possible evidence available, puts it into practice, analyses many aspects of the issues, and provides useful material for your work educating and supporting families. You can explore the kind of content you will receive on the page for each specialism. 


High quality content that focuses on realistic relationships in families, supporting striving towards being calmer, not calm, because we are human. We do not aim for perfection, nor encourage anyone else to do so. When people strive for perfection, failure is the only possibility. We strive for excellence in teaching, and encourage trainees to strive for excellence in understanding, learning and in their pratice.


We empathise with our trainees, as training can bring up some very personal experiences about how we were parented, or have parented, or wish to parent. We offer space for emotional containment, and help trainees empathise and offer emotional containment to each other. This is a critical part of being a consultant. Our empathetic support continues and is extended to all those in our community.


We take the latest research and consider how it relates to our programmes. We regularly refresh content in line with new findings to ensure our training is evidence informed. We teach from principle so that understanding is flexible. We encourage participlation in groups, and attendance at CPD to keep knowledge up to date.


By teaching from principle we support trainees to have an in depth understanding of issues that they can continually build on. They can then flexibly apply this to many professions and aspects of life. We encourage them to pursue their practice in their own way, empowering them to embrace the value their uniqueness brings to the CalmFamily consultant community.
This is the approach we use with our clients. Teaching from principle to help them find solutions, rather than misleading with promises of one size fits all solutions.


Our training does not have the dynamic of 'experts' imparting wisdom to lesser beings. All our equal in our training and we recognise that those who train with us have huge amounts of knowledge and experience. We make space for them to share this in parts of the training, and we positively embrace peer education and development in the consultant community.


Our ethics permeate every aspect of our business. This includes honesty and integrity about our area of knowledge, it extends to the products we stock, the companies we partner with, the events we attend, who we allow to use our brand, and to what purpose. Our ethical commitments allow consultants, parents and professionals to be able to trust us implicitly.

Train as a parenting consultant

Work with families one-to-one, and deliver our well-loved education programmes on a professional basis.

Carrying training

Baby and toddler specialist training includes carrying to peer support level through Slingababy. Find out more about carrying training opportunities with CalmFamily & Slingababy.

Continuing professional development

We offer continuing professional development through in-person events and a range of online learning.

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