Media and press

We are always keen to hear from media and press, and do our best to respond to every request we receive. Whether you are looking for comment on a recent news or policy issue, focussing on issues impacting children, parents or family life, we can put you in touch with one of our directors or consultants who will be delighted to talk to you.

We are happy to respond to requests for interviews for TV, radio, podcasts, print media and more. We can comment on serious news stories, discuss scientific content, or contribute to social interest pieces. If you are interested in speaking to us about any area of our work in promoting calmer relationships, supporting parents and families, increasing equality, and promoting understanding of human needs then please do get in touch. We help build better brains.

Media and press Television

TV & video appearances

Tomlin Wilding, CalmFamily director, has appeared on the national news in response to the smacking ban in Jersey, discussing why smacking isn't an appropriate tool for managing toddler behaviour.

Tomlin has also created video media for several online parenting summits.

A note on responding to media enquiries

It is often best to contact us via social media, or by phone if you need a quick response for current issues. Sometimes it can take us a day or two to reply to emails, because we are busy running training, supporting families, and caring for our own families. The fastest way to get in touch is by calling our business line Monday-Friday 09:30-14:00, or messaging our Facebook page.