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Are you looking for help with your sling or carrier?
or guidance on what sling or carrier is right for you?

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You can call us at any time.
If no-one is available you can leave a message and we will give you a call back as soon as we can!

Narrow down options

Narrow down what slings or carriers would be a good option to try and make recommendations

Troubleshoot your carrier

Help you troubleshoot issues with your sling or carrier

Discuss medical issues

Discuss what impact some medical issues may have on carrying your baby

Safety and fitting

Signpost you to relevant safety and fitting information based on your needs


Signpost you to appropriate services based on your needs

Book a call in advance

Book your free 15-minute call

You can always access a 15-minute phone consultation for free. Read more about our commitment to keeping this free to access.

Book a full carrying consultation

If you would like some individual support we can provide that with a one to one consultation, which take place over the phone or via Zoom.

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If you are not sure what you might need and want to check in about what's best to book, just message us here and we will get back to you.