Join the CalmFamily dragons

CalmFamily needs a group of Dragons, and you might be just who we are looking for!

What are the CalmFamily dragons?

 CalmFamily dragons are a new group of awesome people who get to know secrets, hide with our treasure, and provide us with great wisdom. Stepping away from the metaphor… Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at CalmFamily? Have you ever wanted to be involved in helping find new ways to support families? Have you ever fancied trying out new fun things and telling people what you think? We are looking for a small group of people who can help with just that. As a CalmFamily Dragon you will get the opportunity to experience new activities, workshops and products and give us feedback, as well as share your experiences of family life with us. You’ll even get the chance to try out some of our products before anyone else, or to test them out for reviews. Some of these opportunities will be genuinely secret, because we won’t be ready to talk about them yet, and others we will want you to roar (sorry) about – if you feel they are gold! (ok, we are not sorry). We want you to help us in making sure that CalmFamily in on fire, at helping families soar.

Time credits

Because we believe strongly in recognising people’s energy and time, but also want it to be clear that you will be independent and objective (you are telling us what you really think, and only telling people great things about us because you want to), we have joined the Time Credits scheme for this. When you provide us with your time, we will provide at least 1 Time Credit per project you are involved in. Time Credits are a great way of using the time you give to get something back. You can spend Time Credits with us on some of our services, but you can also spend them across the country in lots of other places! Find out more about Time Credits 

Actively seeking diversity

We are actively looking for diversity in the group to ensure we get a fully representative range of feedback. We are therefore actively looking for families who are Black, Asian or from other minority backgrounds, as well as for families who are LGBTQIA+, single parent families or other non-traditional family structures. All that we ask is that you already have at least one child, or that you will be adding a child to your family within the next year, and that you live in the UK. We cannot take applications from outside the UK currently, but we are looking at ways in which we can do this in the future.

The application process

During the application process we will ask you to tell us a little bit about your family. This will allow us to build a group of families with different backgrounds, different aged children, and different experiences to help us provide the best services we can to families like yours.

We have selected our first group of dragons, however we are still actively looking to recruit families in the UK who are Black, Asian or from other minority backgrounds, as well as for families who are LGBTQIA+, single parent families or other non-traditional family structures.

When places become available we will select from other people who have applied. We may also contact people who weren’t selected initially if we need a larger group with specific criteria such as a group of pregnant people. If you apply and are successful, and then change your mind, you can withdraw at any time.

We cannot take applications from current CalmFamily consultant members. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can email them to the leadership team

Thank you,

Emily, Emily, Jen, Jeni and Danielle

The CalmFamily leadership team