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The CalmFamily family education programmes

Our programmes for families are all designed with a simple premise: we educate and support families to have calmer relationships with their children. In doing so we know that parent and child will have happier lives and better futures, making them more able to have calmer relationships in the future. Our approach will support you through difficult parts of your family role, whilst looking at the long-term outcomes as well as the short-term. We don’t do types of parenting. We just offer education and support about humans.

Our consultants offer...


A one-off education sessions, covering a specific topic for a stage of development. These ar, usually taught in a group, either in-person, or online, facilitated by a trained consultant.


A series of sessions providing a comprehensive education for a particular stage of development. . These are usualy taught in a group, either in-person, or online, facilitated by a trained consultant.


A regular drop-in session, either online, or face-to-face. These are varied in their structure with more opportunity for social contact, with bitesize education and discussion built in.


Private, bespoke sessions, designed in collaboration between you and a trained consultant. Your consultant will meet your specific needs across their specialisms, providing comprehensive support.

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The BabyCalm programme

When you are going to become a parent, you are bombarded with advice. We don’t do that. We provide for you the education that we think schools need to provide about raising humans. We also offer support for your choices for your family, whatever that looks like.

Optimise your baby’s development and your relationship with them right from the start.

The ToddlerCalm programme

Going from the baby stage to the toddler stage can be exceptionally challenging. Your cute, affectionate, snuggly baby is suddenly becoming a person with a will of iron. We provide a uniquely scientific approach to ensuring you can feel in control and provide the best childhood for your toddler. We work with you to so you can create your own approach.

Optimise your toddler’s development and your relationship with them as you grow together.

These programmes are all at different stages of development

The CarryCalm programme

Carrying can support calmer babies, toddlers and parents, but sometimes you need some help mastering the practical skills. Attending a CarryCalm workshop means that you know that you will be supported through the learning process to give you the help you need to carry safely and comfortably in the position and sling/carrier of your choice

Optimising your carrying experience for the safety and comfort of you and your child allows you to benefit from the many calming, bonding and practical aspects of carrying.

The BirthCalm programme

Preparing for your birth means making a lot of choices you didn’t even know you would have to consider. Birth education with us means getting the information on everything, including how you want to prepare and which further education you might want.

Optimising your experience of bringing your baby into the world doesn’t mean making the “right” choices. It means having the information and tools to do it your way.

The NurtureCalm programme

Now CalmFamily are bringing you more than just the theory. We are taking our awesome knowledge of psychological needs and development and we have created a unique programme for nurturing calm. You can learn non-prescriptive massage, movement and mindful techniques and adapt them for all relationships.​

The NurtureCalm programme is in the late stages of development.

The ChildCalm programme

Everyone assumes it gets easier at this point don’t they. You have got through 2, 3 and 4 but then the challenges only change and in some ways become more complex. From managing friendships, education, screens and the worry many children feel, and not to mention that wonderful time when they are 8…. really!

The ChildCalm programme is currently in development. 

The TeenCalm programme

Parenting teens is a notorious stage weirded over the heads of parents struggling at any other stage  “Just wait ’til they’re teenagers…” However, here at CalmFamily we see teens as people, not problems. Teens are undergoing some pretty huge developments, from puberty to brain developments, and are exploring their role in the world and in the family in many ways. This can be challenging where earlier behaviour management strategies have relied on authoritarian means. At CalmFamily we work on supporting a strong relationship, and open communication supporting the discussion of difficult issues and concerns. Our programme will help restore the calm to your family life.

The TeenCalm programme is in the concept stage of development.

The ParentCalm programme

By far our most requested programme. Everyone wants to know when ParentCalm is coming. So often parents are trying to meet the needs of everyone around them whilst their needs go unmet. ParentCalm will support parents to recognise and meet their own needs, address their triggers, and help them to improve their wellbeing and balance in life.  We believe this programme will change the lives of so many parents, and their families and we can’t wait to make it a reality. 

The ParentCalm programme is currently in development.