Calmer relationships lead to happier lives and better futures for all.

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We are the largest online-only sling library in the UK, and offer an unrivalled support service for carrying. You can also buy and hire other products.

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Our network of educators offer workshops, courses and one-to-one services to provide exceptional education and support for your family

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We offer the most comprehensive and unique training for you to have the knowledge and skills to support parents to have calmer lives, and change the world.

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Increase your understanding of your child, and learn skills to be calmer as a parent, online with anything from a free course to comprehensive education.

Supporting calmer relationships for a

Calmer future

CalmFamily is a not-for-profit education community. We work together with each other, with families, and with professionals towards our mission:

“To provide evidence-based education and individualised support to enable the development of people with calmer brains and relationships, to create a world where humans can lead calmer lives.”

Our education programmes

Our education programmes offer a unique opportunity for families to understand each other and bring a calmer approach into their lives. Our approach also optimises development for the future…

BabyCalm from CalmFamily


Supporting a calmer experience as a new parent, offering your baby optimum development opportunities for a calmer life.

ToddlerCalm from CalmFamily


Supporting a calmer experience for you after the first year, offering your toddler optimum development opportunities for a calmer life.

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Crying baby that won't be put down?

We can help you understand and balance needs.

Tired of battling with your children?

How does collaboration and cooperation sound?

Want to stop shouting?

We can help you stay calmer, and be heard.

Constant noise overwhelming you?

We can help you set boundaries with compassion.

Need help getting enough sleep?

We can help you optimise biological sleep mechanisms.

Trouble feeding? Child barely eats?

We can help you make sure they get enough.

Child seem to have high needs?

Childrens' needs are individual. We can help.

Want the best future for them?

We can help you optimise their brain development.

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Slings & carriers

You can hire from a huge range of slings and carriers including specialist slings you cannot find locally. if you are just getting started, our free stretchy wrap hire scheme might be perfect for you

Books & story sacks

You can hire from a huge range of slings and carriers including specialist slings you cannot find locally. if you are just getting started, our free stretchy wrap hire scheme might be perfect for you

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Tools for calmer families

We sell products that support calmer relationships, happier parenting, and your families' development. Carrying, calming, sleeping, feeding, eating, playing and more, all supported with carefully chosen items.

Accessible & flexible buying

We want this to be easy and accessible for all families, and because we also hire products, it is easy for us to be flexible. You can try products before you commit to buying them, and can make buying easier to manage with flexible payment plans.

Passionately inclusive

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive service to all people. Equality is one of our core values, and we mean it. You are safe here. Click below for our policy:

collaborative organisation

A unique learning experience

You may already work with parents and want to broaden your scope or your knowledge, or you may have always dreamed of a career working to support families; to do something you really love and on your own terms. You may be someone looking to formalise and consolidate your knowledge and skills, or want to have support behind you in offering community services.

Whatever your goal or dream, you can access unrivalled training with us, and join a collaborative community of educators who work together and support each other to make the world a calmer place.

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The CalmFamily Online Community is an online social space which provides opportunity for families and professionals to connect, and integrates our events and online learning, using forums, and groups.

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Online courses for families and professionals to educate and support them to have calmer relationships within their families..

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An online depository of articles, and other resources to educate and support families and those professionals who work with families.

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