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Online community forums offer opportunities to ask and answer questions and have discussions about parenting topics in a safe space.


Online community groups offer social spaces to connect and build relationships, learn collectively, and be supported,


Online learning courses, whether a full consultant training, or a short course offering tips on a specific topic. You will gain the understanding you need.


Online community resources include articles and downloadable tools, most of which are totally free. They are available to support your family.

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Online community

The CalmFamily Online Community is an online social space which provides opportunity for families and professionals to connect, and integrates our events and online learning, using forums, and groups.

Online education centre

Online courses for families and professionals to educate and support them to have calmer relationships within their families..

Online knowledge hub

An online depository of articles, and other resources to educate and support families and those professionals who work with families.


£ 0 One-time 10% off in store
  • Acces to free courses
  • Peer-support groups
  • Social connection groups
  • Parenting forums
  • Family resources
  • Events calendar
  • Dashboard & activity feed


£ 29 per annum
  • Free account plus
  • Introductory course
  • Credit for paid courses
  • Consultant-led groups
  • Social learning groups
  • No deposits on hires
  • 15% discount on hire
  • 5% discount in store
  • Access more resources


£ 49 per annum
  • Basic account upgraded
  • Unlimited family courses
  • 25% discount on hire
  • 10% discount in store
  • £50 discount on training
  • Exlusive members group
  • Even more resources

Everything working together

Activity feed & dashboard

You will have a dashboard to manage groups, courses, activity in forums, events and connections, giving you complete control of your account. You can manage orders here too.

Access to and sharing of resources

As well as our knowledge hub that contains multi-media resources, groups can contain documents for your access, and you can upload your own documents to your profile to share as you choose.

Comprehensive online learning system

Fully integrated into our social media platform is our online learning system. Many courses will involve social learning in our groups, zoom sessions within the system, and linked to our events.

Events and members listings for support

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Terms and conditions

Please feel free to read through our full terms and conditions for our online community and our memberships.

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Community FAQs

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions about all aspects of our online community.

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